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Compressor Repair:

If you need refrigeration work done to your machine, I can repair it. I will replace your old Compressor if needed with a new more energy-efficient one. You will get a new fan motor for your Condenser and Evaporator. I will install new wiring, a Power Cord, and a thermostat. Your system will be completely reconditioned. Compressor Repair is not easy work, not many people want to work on these or don't know how. A $300 deposit is required for all Compressor work. Your cost is $1000 and up plus return shipping costs. You would need to bring me the Refrigeration System, not the whole machine.

I have received Compressors from all over the USA and Canada to repair. Just pack it up and send it to me. It will be like brand new when returned. Turnaround time is approximately 6-8 weeks.



I would like to restore your vintage soda machine, I'm located in Southern California in Rialto, 50 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. A complete restoration is between $5900-$7900.

I'll completely take apart the entire machine and restore it and have it look brand new. I have been a restorer/collector for 33 years, since January of 1990. I am a professional restorer.

Send me a few pictures of your machine to:  Give me as much information as possible, I will then reply with a quote.


Here's what you need to do if you accept my offer to Restore your machine:

1. Ship it to me, Include this information: name, address, phone number, and email address. I can give you the name of a carrier I've used for over 10 years in case you want it shipped.

2. Pay 50% upfront. I've had many occasions where customers let the completed machine sit for 6 months or longer without paying or picking it up. Pay me with a check or cash.

3. When it's finished, I will let you know, pay the remaining balance, and it's yours to pick up. There is a storage fee after 10 days if not picked up at $75 per week.


Restoring a vintage soda machine is a long slow process that takes 100+ hours. I would like the opportunity to restore your machine. I have been a collector/restorer since 1990.

The turnaround time on your machine is generally 10-11 months but could take longer depending on the Parts that are missing

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